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Our Story of How we began...

How we Began.....Hi I'd like to introduce myself my name is Donna & my husbands name is Greg...

We want to welcome you all to Suga Gummie Boutique & Bags & Fashion By Chloe...Since you have found your way here, it means that you love boutique style & affordable pricing!!

Well so do we !!...and we will be bringing you just that..all the latest styles of shoes, clothing, Bags & Accessories..  we purchase from top boutiques around the Unites States to bring you only the best merchandise.

We started on this journey in March of 2020 during the pandemic (one of the good things to come out of that year) I began doing a lot more online shopping (as I"m sure you all did) and what I noticed was that everything online was so expensive when it came to women's Bags & Accessories...The other thing was that everything was so style or difference in any of the items.

So I thought to myself, I think I can come up with much nicer clothing & shoes than what I am seeing online....why not source my own products and give it a shot and see what others think?? I wonder if they will feel the way I do!

Well you all did !!....and you DO!! .. & I am SO grateful to the loyal customers and following I have gotten over the past 3 years...I started this journey online, through small Facebook web sites and now brought it to two Facebook groups & 2 instagram accounts as well as Tick Tock account with over 13,000 followers & my own actual online store. I feel so humbled by the response I have gotten and the support that has been given by both my online customers & my new Facebook Family.. I couldn't do this without all of you...and I appreciate you all so very much!!

During the past 3 years things have shifted in our business communities as well as our own personal thoughts & ideas.

We decided to take our business out of our comfort zone by accepting an offer from six flags...They made us an offer we couldn't refuse as the saying goes...They wanted to purchase our children's water shoes on a grand level..(well grand to us from where we were sitting} So we took the leap of faith and jumped in to the deep end of business supply. Our water shoes.."The Gummie Sandal " took off like wild fire ..more than we ever could have imagined or dreamed off...they have since asked for 4 more stocking orders and have taken a 3 year contract with us..they now carry our water shoes in 3 of their waterparks and we are so humbled by this adventure...This business opportunity afforded us the resources we needed to expand our Womans fashion line...We now offer inspired bags, fashion & is a huge success and we are so grateful for this small business that we started out of our home office!

Thank you so much, to all of you...our customers...without all of you none of this would be possible!!

We Appreciate you!

Donna & Greg

Bags& Fashion By Chloe