How I Began ....

How I Began.....

Hi I'd like to introduce myself my name is Donna

I want to welcome you all to Suga Gummie Boutique & Bags & Fashion By Chloe...Since you have found your way here, it means that you love boutique style & affordable pricing!!

Well so do I !!...and I will be bringing you just that..all the latest styles of shoes, clothing, Bags & Accessories..  I purchase from top boutiques around the Unites States to bring you only best merchandise.

I started on this journey in March of 2020 during the pandemic (one of the good things to come out of that year) I began doing a lot more online shopping (as I"m sure you all did) and what I noticed was that everything online was so expensive when it came to children's shoes & well as women's Bags & Accessories...The other thing was that everything was so style or difference in any of the items.

I have 3 grandchildren and I am always looking for new and different items for them when It comes to wardrobe...So I thought to myself, I think I can come up with much nicer clothing & shoes than what I am seeing online....why not source my own products and give it a shot and see what others think?? I wonder if they will feel the way I do!

Well you all did !!....and you DO!! .. & I am SO grateful to the loyal customers and following I have gotten over the past 2 years...I started this journey online, through small web sites and now brought it to two Facebook groups & my own actual online store. I feel so humbled by the response I have gotten and the support that has been given by both my online customers & my new Facebook Family.. I couldn't do this without all of you...and I appreciate you all so much!!



Thank you in advance for your support with my small business.

Story of my Brand Names & Brand Children's Lines ....

Suga Gummie Boutique

The brand name originated when my first granddaughter was born. It was the nickname my daughter gave to her because it took quite some time for her first teeth to come in!! She was all gums...SO my daughter said "you're such a little Suga Gummie" and it stuck!! She of course was also so VERY sweet!! So I was trying to think of a name for my business and SO IT BECAME!!


Bella Baby

The name for our new infant layette line came from my mom. Her name was Bella and she loved all of her babies( her grandchildren ) so much. So when I recently designed this infant layette line, I thought what a perfect name for this line.

It is made of Bamboo and Organic Cotton materials. The Bamboo fabric is 95% bamboo which is extremely soft against babies skin. It has 5% spandex material which is wonderful for movement so that the baby can move freely in the clothing. The Organic Cotton material is also wonderful, its soft and breathable. Both are unlike normal cotton and once you purchase my Bella Baby layette items I believe you will never want anything else in your babies wardrobe.

Bags & Fashion By Chloe

The name of my new women's fashion, handbags & accessories line came from our puppy you can see all the parts of my business come from my family. Chloe is a very important part of our it seemed only fitting to make her part of the business.


UPDATE: I have started a new company to run along side  Suga Gummie Boutique. You all spoke, and I listened!! There was always such a constant want for more women's merchandise. So I began to add more to the website, the more I added the more you requested. So I decided it was time to do its own group and page..  It is called:  Bags & Fashion By Chloe , it is a boutique for women specializing in fashion, handbags & accessories. It has taken off and become increasingly popular.

I will now be having both children's merchandise & woman's merchandise! I will be your one stop shop for all things women & children. It is a very exciting time & also a very busy time as I am learning to adjust to the demand of business from both sides. I appreciate your support so very much & without all of you my customers. my success would not be possible. All of you have made my companies what they are today...

I want to thank you in advance for choosing my online small business shop. I believe you will be very pleased with my merchandise  and look forward to having you as my customers.

Thank you for your support and Happy Shopping!